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7 Steps to Follow in Case of a Spill: Fuel, Oil or Chemical

People rarely plan for incidents, but once they happen, it’s essential to know how to respond. Much like with fire safety and evacuation in case of an earthquake, we present to you our 7-Step Emergency Spill Response plan.

1. First and foremost, remain calm. Call our emergency response number and give us details on what was spilt, how much of it has already leaked out of the container, and how much the container holds. This gives us a clear idea of the size of the spill we’ll be dealing with. You also need to inform us of the spill location: e.g., if it’s in a basement or other type of enclosed space, we need to foresee the accumulation of gas fumes or other toxic by-products of the spill.

2. You need to then decide if you’d like to use our full management service or a product-only service.

3. Once you inform us about your decision, we’ll ask you to issue a pre-authorisation number to approve a pre-agreed call charge.

4. One of our Project managers will arrive on site to assess the spill, before mobilising his team. Once we have all the details, we’ll provide you with all the necessary information.

5. Following our assessment of the spill, we will call you (or your appointed contact) and confirm the time of arrival. We will provide you with your team’s contact details, in case there are any changes in circumstances before they arrive on-site.

6. Once we arrive on-site, we will go through all necessary health and safety procedures before recommending the optimum method of control, containment and cleanup of your spill.

There are a few ways to pre-empt a spill at your site. If you keep your tank within specification, and regularly inspect and test its integrity, alongside the pipework and the bunds, you reduce your incidental spill risk. Our OFTEC-registered specialist can perform a tank inspection, and tank testing, and follow up with any necessary repairs to ensure the structural integrity of your fuel, oil, or chemical environment.

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