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We’re Proud to Have Been in Operation for Over 35 Years.

When we established ourselves over 35 years ago, we became the brand of trust within the industry and to our valued clients.

Today, we are proud to deliver: sustainable, resilient and compliant service solutions, through our specialist expertise that mitigates risk, giving you – ‘peace of mind’.

Our mission is what drives us to do everything required to keep your assets compliant and product within specification.  We do that by creating fuel management solutions that allow you to maintain, control and monitor your fuel consumption and its infrastructure.

The LCM Way Our History

We Are Innovative.
We Are Accountable.
We Are Safety Conscious.

With The Highest Integrity.
We Pride Ourselves On Quality.

We Provided Support to...
Of NHS sites across the UK (93 of 223).
We Provided Support to...
Of Prisons across England and Wales (64 OF 117).

The LCM Way

Fuel, whilst a critical asset, is a costly, hazardous resource which needs careful management. Every aspect of fuel management demands extensive industry knowledge and experience, strict health and safety procedures and adherence to all the relevant legislation. 

When hydrocarbon fuel such as diesel and kerosene is bulk stored without treatment for longer than 6-12 months it can become contaminated. Dirty fuel ultimately is a threat to your critical systems, loss of standby power, business continuity and could cost thousands in damage if left untreated. 

Contaminates in your stored fuel are incredibly harmful to emergency generators and their ageing infrastructures as it can damage clog filters, fuel injectors and if your tank has layers of build up it can cause detrimental oil pollution spills from tank/pipe failure and overfills. 

The key to avoiding diesel-bug from growing and enduring high-quality fuel in your tanks is simply good housekeeping.

Did You Know:
When diesel is bulk stored without treatment for longer than 6-12 months, it can become contaminated.

Don’t wait – save thousands and get your fuel treated now.

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We Provided Support to...
Of Fire and Rescue services across the UK (29 of 49).
We Provided Support to...
Of Police Forces across England and Wales (16 of 43).

Philosophy In Practice

Biodiesel was an initiative introduced by the Government to reduce environmental impact. Stored fuel deteriorates naturally over time but, as biodiesel includes a component called ‘Fatty Acid Methyl Ester’ (FAME) which contains and attracts water, it is then blended with the petrochemical diesel.

So for most, biodiesel remains something of a mystery; everyone has heard of it but not many know the risks it causes to your stored fuel. 

As water is a contaminant in its own right, it promotes microbial growth or ‘diesel bug’ which accelerates contamination from solids i.e. rust. This sticks to the side of your fuel storage tank, even causing layers of build-up inside your tank. 

Our services are based on maintaining your fuel and its infrastructure that’s 

Our History

We’ve always worked wherever there is fuel. 

Since 1987, we have worked in the downstream and upstream fuel sector providing a broad range of fuel management compliance and environmental services.

Today, LCM Environmental works across the downstream fuel industry in a broad range of industry sectors and primarily wherever fuel is a critical operational asset. Innovation is something of a constant in LCM Environmental along with our continual desire to exceed our client’s expectations.

We know fuel. We undertake everything to do with fuel oil – it runs in our veins.

We supply it, we broker it, we clean it, we handle its storage, its delivery and its maintenance – and we do it nationally.

Did You Know:
We provide a whole host of fuel management and risk mitigation services.

We could be your all in one ‘turn-key’ solution for your fuel logistics – see what we can do for your business.

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Our Leadership Team

We’ve built a team that are knowledgeable, experienced and dedicated. 

Our team are essential for our continued growth. We see every member as a talent with the possibility to fuel LCM Environmental to the next level.

Chris Bingham


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After a 20 year career in IT and Technology, Chris sold his software business in 2010 and made the move into the Energy business, focused on the oil distribution industry. Having launched a Fuel Distributor in West Yorkshire – Craggs Energy in 2011, he now acts as CEO for the ‘Craggs Energy Group’, which includes Craggs Energy, Craggs Fuel Cards, Antha Ltd (a UK wide online fuel distribution business) and LCM Environmental (a UK wide oil and fuel services business).

Group sales of around £50m in 2018, all parts of the business are driving change and bringing new approaches and ideas into their individual marketplace. Driven by Chris’s determination to invest and then leverage the latest technologies and a strong focus on strategic partnerships, all parts of the group have been able to grow very quickly into significant players in their specific markets.

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Richard Wallace

Managing Director

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Richard is passionate about using his trained business tools to maximise opportunity through education, analysis and implementation. He’s a strategic planner with significant experience in delivering challenging projects within timeframes and ahead of or on budget.

Throughout his 27 years operating globally as a Senior Military Leader in the Royal Marines, he focused on operational planning and delivery – tried and tested in benign and operational conditions.

He joined the ‘Craggs Energy Group’ in August 2017 with an aim to conduct a 3-month review of Craggs Environmental Ltd but after only 3-months, he was promoted to the role of Managing Direct for all of the companies within the group. His leadership was instrumental through the acquisition, change and integration process of ‘Clovemead Fuel Systems’ and ‘LCM Environmental Ltd.’

In his spare time, Richard enjoys all forms of exercise but primarily skiing. He used to be a keen rugby player but, with age, he’s accepted that it is now better to watch rather than play!

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James Curran

Business Development Director

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A leading influencer across a variety of sectors including: water (surface & waste), Fuel Oil Distribution, Renewables and Telemetry.

James has spent over 15 years developing Pollution Prevention & Risk Management solutions following his background in engineering, project management and product development. He is a business leader with extensive experience in strategy formulation and implementation, combining both project management with business development skills to deliver the most efficient and compliant solution for each Power Critical high-risk application.

Focused on clear strategic planning, effective communication, and evaluation of key performance metrics.

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Jeremy Cosway

QHSE Director

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Jeremy’s first job was at a fuels distribution business where he worked for 6 years before joining the ‘Craggs Energy Group’ in 2012, he then transferred to our environmental division in 2019; totalling 15 years worth of experience in the fuels and environmental sector.

At LCM Environmental, Jeremy is responsible for group compliance and health and safety. He develops all necessary policies, procedures and training to ensure safe and healthy working environments across all locations both on and off site.

Jeremy’s qualifications include: * BSc Business Management * NEBOSH * WAMITAB * Transport Manager CPC * DGSA

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Paul Rava

Operations Director

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Paul brings to LCM Environmental over 30 years’ experience in the fuel industry after starting as a petroleum pipe fitter in 1991.

Since then, he’s progressed to becoming Divisional Manager of national fuel systems and environmental divisions before joining us 2 years ago as our Operations Director.

Paul has a wealth of technical knowledge, including problem-solving and critical-thinking direct all our operational activities to ensure our projects are effective and efficient.

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Matthew Garner

Finance Manager

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Matthew comes with a full history of working in finance, from leaving school he quickly moved onto an apprenticeship as an accountant for a local chocolate production company. Matthew found his way into the fuel industry in 2010 where he worked for fuels distribution business, before joining ‘the Craggs Group’ as a Finance Manager in January 2013, eventually transferring over to our environmental division in May 2020.

Matthew is a dynamic Finance Manager bringing fresh ideas, processes and procedures to the finance function for the business along the way.

In his spare time, Matthew is very much a family man with 2 children, a wife and a Dalmatian dog. A lifelong Manchester Utd fan and season ticket holder, also a lover of all sports. Once of a day a football and cricket player, now a spectator and golf player as old father time has caught up.

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Joseph Elwin

Sales Manager

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Joseph is our very own home-grown team member! He attended an open day 6 years ago because our fuel distribution division was recruiting for a ‘Sales Apprentice’. After managing a range of successful projects across different aspects of the group, Joseph has settled within our environmental division and leading our sales team. He utilises his skills of adaptability and his ardent attitude to thrive within a challenge to our company.

In his spare time, he’s an avid cyclist, footballer and lover of the outdoors (but not camping!) he also has a number of horses which take up a lot of his and his fiancee’s time. He admits he enjoys a good night out and also any opportunity to eat good food.

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Jack Hartley

Project Manager

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His journey into the environmental engineering industry started when he was 20 years old with a Leeds based family-firm; as a confined space tank cleaner following his return from South Africa playing sports. He gained several years of site experience: decommissioning, cleaning and installing various oil storage tanks from underground storage tanks (UST) to heavy fuel oil (HFO) tanks – nationwide. After a few years of working on site and undertaking some essential qualifications and certificates he decided it was time to move into a more office based role because of his sports injuries.

He developed into an operations role within a civils company and completed health & safety qualifications including his NEBOSH general certificate. He has now been with LCM Environmental since November 2020, as our Project Manager and leads our civils, decommissioning and interceptor services. He also assists our operations team with general day-to-day operations and health & safety plus surveying and site visits. He occasionally gets his hands dirty and heads out onto site from time-to-time when his body allows him too!

He is looking forward to his future here with us and the opportunities that will continue to progress his knowledge and experience and build on his last 7 years in the industry.

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