Mitigate fuel risks responsibly with LCM’s environmental assessments


Fuel industry environmental specialists

As international fuel industry specialists, LCM covers the full spectrum of services to the downstream fuel market including environmental assessments. LCM works closely with its client partners, both in the UK and overseas, helping ensure their operations are efficiently managed to minimise any environmental risk. Included in LCM’s environmental assessment services are environmental impact assessments (EIAs), DSEAR risk assessments and ecological and contamination surveys.

Environmental Assessments
Environmental Assessments

Environmental support services

Fully compliant, LCM’s environmental support services will not only carry out your assessments, but will also work with you to establish your environmental controls and response plans ensuring your company complies with best practice and adheres to ISO 14001 accreditation standards. And, if the worst happens, LCM’s 24/7 emergency teams are specialists in managing fuel spills and disaster recovery.

Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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