Fuel asset decommissioning and remediation (tank removal)


Tank Removal

Decommissioning a fuel asset needs specialist support to ensure it’s carried out safely and in accordance with relevant legislation. As well as the removal of all above ground and underground infrastructure, buildings must from time to time be demolished and the site cleared. Finally, the ground itself must be remediated and all contaminants eradicated.


At LCM Environmental our UK wide team can remove Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Diesel (DERV), Heating Oil (Kerosene), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Petrol and other fuel tanks of all shapes, sizes and materials.


With many years of experience working in the petrochemical industry, LCM brings unrivaled expertise to both fuel tank removal and demolition projects. Delivering a complete service including consultancy to the world’s major oil companies, independent operators and land developers, LCM’s reach extends across the UK, into Europe and beyond.


LCM is equipped to manage every aspect of any fuel asset decommissioning project. Whether it be a hospital heating system tank, a data centres back up generator tank, a petrol station decommissioning, or a fuel terminal with bulk storage tanks, LCM has it covered from inception to completion, leaving your valuable site ready for future development.


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Fuel Asset decommissioning
Fuel Asset decommissioning

Fuel Site and Forecourt Closure

Fuel asset decommissioning takes time, often for financial reasons or because of delays waiting for the necessary consents and documentation site may be closed awaiting a sale. This can threaten the security of a valuable site and its contents. LCM’s site closure service uplifts and transports any fuel stocks, temporarily decommission tanks, removes signage and valuable stock to secure your premises until your decommissioning project or sale can proceed.


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