Increase efficiency and protect assets with LCM’s fuel polishing services


Ensure quality and reliability with LCM’s fuel polishing services

Contaminated fuel is not only an environmental hazard, it can result in costly damage to combustion systems. Many mechanical breakdowns such as engine failure and fuel starvation can be attributed to blocked filters and damaged fuel injectors caused by particulate build-up. Now all fuel contains a bio element which readily absorbs water, fuel quality management is essential to ensure reliability.


Fuel polishing is one of the many services LCM delivers to its client partners across the UK and Europe, ensuring greater efficiency and legal compliance (EN 4409 and EN ISO 12937).


LCM’s service is comprehensive, fast and cost-effective with the ability to polish all fuel types at a rate of 250 litres per minute. With a dedicated fuel polishing tanker available, fuel can be uplifted, polished and transferred, making this service unique in the marketplace.


Whether you have above or below ground storage tanks, road tankers or intermediate bulk containers (IBCs), fuel polishing ensures your critical assets are protected and operating at peak efficiency.

Fuel polishing
Fuel polishing

Aviation standard fuel polishing

Fuel contamination removal is essential to the aviation industry. Damage caused by fuel blockages can ground aircraft and could pose a risk to human life. LCM aviation fuel polishing service removes contaminants down to the regulation 1 micron level.


From one-off polishing to part of a full fuel quality management service, LCM Environmental helps its national and international clients protect and preserve their critical fuel resources. Find out more about LCM’s fuel polishing and management service today by phoning 01884 841387, sending an email or completing the contact form.

Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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