Fuel sampling and testing services


Fuel sampling

Water and other contaminants cause fuel to deteriorate and remedial action, such fuel polishing is often needed to restore it to peak condition. To ensure consistent quality and performance, a regular programme of fuel sampling and testing is essential.


As part of its wide-reaching industry services, our specialist teams will carry out an individual fuel sampling service or arrange a scheduled testing regime for your stored Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Diesel (DERV), Heating Oil (Kerosene) and other fuels.

Fuel Sampling
fuel sampling

The Problem With Fuel

Hydrocarbon based fuels such as Diesels, Gas Oil and Kerosene are subject to degradation through exposure to light, heat and absorption of water from the moisture in the atmosphere. Moisture in particular is a major problem for fuel, as it collects as free water in the bottom of tanks and also remains suspended within the fuel itself. Water reacts with naturally occurring bacteria within the fuel forming a black sludge like material which forms the bulk of contamination problems for fuel usage.


This issue has been exacerbated due to the Renewable Transport Fuel Obligation (RTFO), which forces fuel refiners to ensure that 5% of all fuel used in vehicles is from a sustainable source, mainly plant derived oils. Whilst these elements behave well as a basic fuel, they are far less stable than the mineral equivalents, but also far more hygroscopic, drawing any available moisture from the surrounding atmosphere.

The Solution

The problem described above makes long term storage of Gas Oil (Red Diesel), Diesel and other mineral based fuels potentially problematic.


An LCM fuel sampling and testing service can provide your organisation with fuel quality analysis of the fuel that you store – before it becomes a problem and causes application damage or failure (such as emergency stand by generator, heating system, vehicle, plant or other equipment failure).

fuel sampling

When was your stored fuel last tested?


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