Ground remediation – making former fuel station sites safe


Ground remediation specialists

Ground remediation, sometimes called soil or land remediation, has been one of LCM Environmental’s core fuel industry services since 1990. Working with major oil companies, independent petrol forecourt operators and environmental consultants, LCM has remediated countless sites across the UK and Europe, ensuring valuable land is safe and ready for redevelopment.

ground remediation

Why is land remediation necessary?

As well as posing an environmental risk, the presence of hydrocarbons in soil is harmful to the environment and ultimately to human health. Many former fuel station sites are remediated for housing or commercial use and the land must be rendered safe before development. Whether part of a site decommissioning or for soil remediation after accidental contamination, working with LCM will ensure an efficient and environmentally responsible solution.

In-house team and plant

LCM’s specialist in-house teams of environmental consultants, engineers and ground workers are fully equipped to manage every aspect of your ground remediation project. From borehole drilling, soil sampling and reporting, to the installation and monitoring of ground remediation systems, LCM delivers responsible and effective environmental services to its industry partners.

ground remediation

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