Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO) – Uplift, Removal and Industrial Tank Cleaning


Heavy Fuel Oil (or HFO) refers to a selection of highly viscous (tar like) types of fuel. Sometimes referred to as residual fuel oil, refinery residual or bunker fuel, HFO is a by-product of the crude oil refinery (cracking) process. HFO has a variety of uses across a range of industries including marine where it is widely used for propulsion.


By their very nature fuels that fall into the HFO bracket are often considerably more difficult to handle than fuels such as Gas Oil, Diesel and Kerosene. At LCM Environmental our team of highly trained fuel specialists can provide a wide range of services for all fuel types including HFO.

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HFO Uplift, Transfer, Removal & Disposal Services

The process of uplifting and removal of HFO from both land based and ship based fuels storage tanks is a complex process due to the fuels viscosity. At LCM Environmental our fleet of fuel uplift tankers can uplift HFO in a safe and compliant way.

Our uplift service can be used to transfer the fuel to another location, hold the fuel in storage while tank or other maintenance is undertaken or to remove the fuel and dispose of it as per Environment Agency guidelines.

HFO Tank Cleaning (Industrial Tank Cleaning)

The high viscosity of all types of Heavy Fuel Oil makes the cleaning of storage tanks (of any size, material or location) a difficult task. Our experienced team of industrial tank cleaners can provide a HFO tank degassing and cleaning service for both onboard and land based storage tanks.


With full man entry tank cleaning certification and rescue teams as a standard procedure, LCM Environmental can remove HFO from storage tanks of all sizes.

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HFO Tank Install, Repair & Removal

In addition to the removal of Heavy Fuel Oil and the cleaning of HFO tanks our industrial team are also fully qualified to repair, install, decommission, dismantle and dispose of all types of HFO storage tanks.


HFO storage tanks can come in many shapes, sizes and materials. However, most tanks storage tanks are made of bunded steel and are larger than 40,000 litres. Our team have high over 30 years experience in the full range of tank maintenance, installation and removal services and have and continue to regular provide these services to clients in both the public and private sectors.

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