2½ and 5-year IBC periodic testing


IBC inspection and testing

When you use intermediate bulk containers (IBCs) for the storage of fuel or chemicals, powders, or other materials, legislation demands you implement a periodic testing programme. Like any other storage tanks, IBCs deteriorate with age and must be inspected and certified safe for use at regular intervals. LCM’s mobile periodic inspection team carry out both 2½-year and 5-year inspections to keep your IBC stock up to scratch.

ibc testing
ibc testing

2½-year periodic testing for IBCs

IBC inspections and tests carried out every 2½ years (or less) check the external condition of the container, and all its associated equipment and pipework. In addition, the IBC must be pressure tested for leaks and inspected to make sure it meets the required current design specifications.

5-year IBC periodic testing

As well as the inspections outlined in the 2½-year tests, the IBC 5-year periodic testing inspection must also check the internal condition of the container and its associated marking, and that labelling is current and legally compliant. Accurate records must be kept of all inspections and the results.

ibc testing
ibc testing

IBC testing management

Managing IBC stock is time consuming and complex. That’s why so many companies and organisations across the UK and Europe take advantage of LCM’s specialist knowledge and IBC management service. They can be sure their IBC periodic testing meets the required industry standards – can you?

Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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