LCM’s fuel services – keeping industry on the move

Industrial Services

Industrial fuel services

LCM Industrial Services division has been recognised and acclaimed by some of the world’s biggest petrochemical companies. But you don’t have to be a global operator to benefit from LCM’s expertise. The armed forces, utility companies and independent operators of all sizes rely on LCM’s industrial services as part of their fuel management.

Cleaning, maintenance and fuel tanker transport

When you need a reliable and reputable company to uplift and transport your fuel, or if your fuel tanks need cleaning and maintenance, make LCM your first port of call. With bases across the UK, the company operates its own fleet of petroleum regulated fuel tankers, employs its own skilled workforce, and provides all the necessary plant and equipment to undertake confined space entry into tanks containing all sorts of liquids.

Industrial Services
industrial services

Non-fuel industry services

LCM’s industrial services are not restricted to the fuel industry or fuel operators. LCM works extensively with companies and organisations across the UK and Europe ensuring their bulk tanker fleets and IBC stocks are fully maintained, cleaned and serviced and totally complaint with the latest legislation.

industrial services

Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


Contact LCM Environmental. You can send an email, complete the online form or simply speak to the fuel specialists direct on +44 (0) 808 164 4570.