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Made to Measure: Telemetry, Cars on top of fuel tanks, and Other Measures to Keep an Eye on Your Fuel Levels


It’s not a secret that with fuel prices soaring, thieves get more creative in getting their hands on your fuel. But so do our clients: the latest case in point, is this vehicle on top of the above-ground fuel tank, blocking its hatch. Good luck getting anything out of this one… or in it, as we found out ourselves.

This would not be our first choice in anti-theft or fuel monitoring, for that matter. We could recommend, as an alternative, to use of a range of telemetry services.

What is telemetry?

The word comes from Greek, and literally means “remote measure”. Telemeter is a device that measures your tank’s product levels. It consists of a sensor, transmission path, and a display, recording, or control device.

How does it work?

Specialist sensors are installed in your tank, which allows you to monitor remotely your liquids, discover safety breaches, and leaks or simply decrease product levels. The moment your tank contents start to get reduced, your chosen system or device is informed, allowing you to reduce your staff presence on site; we’d let you know as soon as your product levels start dropping, and at what rate. That would allow for the appropriate response, in case of theft, leak or need of fuel delivery.

Would it help me find out if someone’s stealing my fuel?

Yes. The sensors we install to measure your oil, fuel or chemical levels will set off an alarm if your tank contents start decreasing. In case your fuel levels start dropping abnormally quickly, you can safely assume that A) someone’s taking them or B) you’ve got a leak. Either way, it is the safe and responsible way to monitor your tank contents and act accordingly.

Can I monitor it from my mobile device?

Yes, you can. Telemetry services are perfect for distance monitoring. Our sensors in your tank will send data directly to your mobile device, so you can rest assured you will always be informed of your product’s levels without having to go to your tank and check manually.

What kinds of tanks can we serve with telemetry?

The systems and sensors are designed to be installed in tanks of all shapes and sizes.

What other benefits do I get if I get tank telemetry?

  • Knowing your fuel/oil/chemical tank levels 24/7
  • Monitoring available on multiple platforms?
  • Real-time data
  • Reduced risk of theft, and leakages
  • Labour savings – no need to keep staff on site

Sounds like the right thing for your business?

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