Harness nanotechnology for safer fuel tank maintenance with NanoVapor™


Fast LEL reduction with NanoVapor

Fuel tank maintenance used to be time-consuming and hazardous. Before staff can work safely, tanks have to be vented and the volatile vapours removed. Using traditional methods, this was an unpredictable and high-risk procedure. Inerting tanks using nitrogen or carbon dioxide removes the vapour hazard, but introduces another. NanoVapor has revolutionised fuel tank maintenance by reducing the lower explosive limit (LEL) quickly and safely.


UK’s sole NanoVapor distributor

As the UK’s distributor, LCM has worked with NanoVapor to develop this innovative use of nanotechnology in applications across the downstream fuel markets. Originally developed for the aviation industry, NanoVapor is an effective and environmentally sound solution for tank maintenance in petrol forecourts, rail, marine and fuel terminal operations. Use of NanoVapor is just one of the innovative environmental solutions LCM brings to its fuel industry partners, increasing already unparalleled levels of service and health and safety.

How does NanoVapor reduce the LEL?

The innovative NanoVapor dispenser blows an environmentally safe chemical compound over the tank and its contents, discharged as nanoparticles. These adhere to the surface of the fuel, tank walls and pipework, locking in vapours. These reduce LELs quickly and suppress the explosive gases. Because NanoVapor is non-toxic, fuel and water soluble, it doesn’t harm the workforce or the environment. The tank is quickly rendered safe for manned entry, allowing work on it or its infrastructure to commence.


Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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