Bulk storage tank cleaning and tanker cleaning for non-fuel products


Non-fuel tank cleaning

Although a recognised fuel industry specialist, LCM’s wider services to industry include storage tank cleaning and maintenance of tanks used for non-fuel products. With a stellar reputation for safety, quality and efficiency, LCM’s technicians apply the same standards of care and attention to non-fuel tank and IBC cleaning as they do to their fuel facility services.

non fuel cleaning and testing
Non fuel cleaning and testing

The need for cleaning in non-fuel tanks

Bulk tanks and tankers are used to store and transport a wide range of non-fuel products. Cleaning of food product storage tanks, for example, is essential to maintain high levels of hygiene and prevent cross-contamination between products.

Typical non-fuel tank cleaning services

LCM’s non-fuel tank cleaning services extend to all bulk storage tanks – from sewerage and water storage tanks to grains and food products. Experienced staff and an impressive health and safety record mean LCM is qualified and equipped to manage the cleaning of tanks used for chemicals, acids and other hazardous materials.

Non fuel cleaning and testing

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