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The Brief

We recently received a call from a frozen food distribution centre near Bristol following issues with their 22,000 litre Diesel underground storage tank (UST) used to supply their fleet of distribution lorries.

As the storage of fuels was not the distribution centres main source of business and was just an asset that the company used to run its fleet; we were called in to assess what had occurred.

The maintenance of fuel and its storage facilities are our bread and butter and following the call we mobilised to site to test the tank using our Tanknology Vacutect tank testing system that applies a precision vacuum to the tank and associated lines testing for weak points.

Once the tank had been tested it was apparent that the fill riser was at fault, this was repaired on site and the tank re-tested and passed. However, it was advised by our Senior VacuTect Engineer that the tank undergo an internal tank inspection and de-sludge service using our Tanknology Petroscope camera system.

Our Petroscope camera offers the only solution within the UK to thoroughly maintain the internal space of a storage tank using remote technology to inspect and de-sludge the internal space removing the need for the high-risk operation of manned entry. Read more about it here.

Once on site our Petroscope team set up and carried out the following scope of works:

  • Uplift and hold all fuels within the UST to our Petroleum Regulated multi-pot vacuum road tanker.
  • Bottom out and uplift all remaining waste product in the tank and hold on-board the multi-pot tanker in a separate pot to the initial fuel.
  • Access pipework in tank chamber and nitrogen inert the UST prior to tank access.
  • Lower the Petroscope camera in place and conduct initial tank inspection.
  • Using the tanker lower a vac hose into the tank and de-sludge the UST whilst using a water jetter to break down heavy deposits.
  • Uplift washings and use the hose to dry the tank and carry out final inspection.
  • Put held fuel back into the UST.
  • Replace pipework and demobilise from site and dispose of waste at a licensed facility.

Following the inspection the client is issued full reports for both the VacuTect test and Petroscope inspection with a copy of the inspections and cleaning.

Our footage of the internal space of the UST enables us to provide digital imagery of a quality where professional analysis by a corrosion engineer is possible should it be required.

If you are interested in finding more out about our tank testing services please contact us, alternatively for further information view the below links:

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  • Tanknology Petroscope Camera inspections and de-sludge
  • Petroleum Regulated tanker uplift and transfer services

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