Introducing the Tanknology PetroScope® Camera


The Tanknology PetroScope has revolutionised LCM’s tank inspection and maintenance service. Now, using this camera, LCM’s trained operators can make a detailed internal assessment of an underground fuel storage tank (UST) safely and cost-effectively without manned entry. With the PetroScope system, two or three tanks can be inspected in just one day with the minimum of disruption to your operation.


How the Petroscope works

Once the fuel has been removed from the UST, the lower explosive limit is tested; if necessary we inert the tank using nitrogen or Nanovapor. Once safe to do so – this then runs on to the PetroScope, a remotely operated robotic camera is inserted. The technician systematically scans the inside of the tank sending digital images back to the computer. The PetroScope examines the entire tank, including the filters and bungs. It identifies any defects such as pitting, rust, cracks and build-up of debris, which might affect the tank’s integrity. The digital images are recorded to DVD providing a visual record of the inspection.

Benefits of the PetroScope Camera

Manned fuel tank inspections are time consuming, costly and hazardous. The tank must be emptied and any residual vapours eliminated before a manned entry is undertaken. Carrying out tank inspections with this system reduces the health and safety risks and minimises downtime. LCM’s PetroScope fuel tank inspection service includes DVDs showing the camera’s findings for your records, and a corrosion engineer’s report and recommendations.


Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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