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Connections That Make the (Fuel) World Go Round


Critical industries are indeed known to rely predominantly on fuel storage systems to keep their backup power on standby.

However, the unsung hero here often goes unnoticed – the pipework that connects them all. Having a crucial role in tank storage installations and decommissioning, as well as spill prevention, pipework is essential in maintaining environmental integrity and regulatory compliance.

Here are a few examples where considering the quality of your pipework and the skillset of the ones installing it are paramount for the functionality and safety of your bulk storage.

  1. Fuel Tank Installations


A fuel storage system is as good as the team who has installed it. And if the fuel storage system is the proverbial ‘body’, then the pipes are the veins that ensure the flawless flow from the tank storage to the equipment and machinery.

Having a precise and detail-oriented team installing the pipework is the key to a long-lasting and reliable solution for your fuel environment – luckily, the LCM Environmental pipefitters are exactly the right fit. We excel in providing expert pipework solutions, bespoke to your unique needs.

  1. Spill Prevention


Fuel or chemical spills are one of the greatest environmental threats in all industries storing products in bulk. It hardly comes as a surprise that most spills are caused by either unreliable pipework installation or irregular maintenance, leading to rust, cracks and leaks.

By ensuring we use high-quality materials and experienced pipefitters, LCM Environmental employs advanced engineering techniques to minimize the risk of malfunction, thus protecting both your business and the environment.

  1. Site Decommissioning


Ageing and obsolete fuel storage systems require decommissioning and careful removal from site. To avoid environmental hazards, the LCM engineers are sure to employ a delicate touch – they specialise in the safe and efficient removal of pipework (having our fuel systems team drain all components with care beforehand). All parts of the fuel system are then dismantled and disposed of in an environmentally conscious manner, recycling where possible.

Where pipework is concerned, LCM Environmental are your go-to specialists in terms of reliability and value. Committing to environmental safety, we employ highly qualified professionals and use the highest quality materials to deliver safe and well-founded solutions.

Providing everything from designs and build, installation, maintenance, and pipework, through to decommissioning and emergency spill response, LCM Environmental are your full-service broker for your fuel system needs.

Whether you work in transport, manufacturing, utilities, aviation or any of the other critical industries, your business reputation is your shield and sword; ensure that your fuel system installations are up to par and no environmental hazards are to come from faulty pipework.

By choosing to work with LCM Environmental, you’re investing in the safe, efficient and reliable set-up, maintenance and decommissioning of your bulk fuel environment.

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