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Discover the power of excellence in fuel infrastructure solutions, and let’s create success together.

At PIS Ireland, we turn challenges into opportunities and make a positive difference in the fuel installation industry.

From garage forecourts to oil depots, commercial and industrial installations, each project featured here represents a unique challenge that our skilled team has embraced with enthusiasm.

Witness the transformation of retail locations, the safeguarding of oil storage facilities, and the empowerment of commercial and industrial operations through robust fuel infrastructure.

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Our Portfolio

Forecourt re-piping:

The project is to completely replace the existing ageing infrastructure with new double-contained pipework, including suctions, vents, and offset fills, all whilst keeping the forecourt open to customers and maintaining a safe environment.

An offset fill point installation:

A new offset fill point installation, complemented by an SGB leak detection system – now allows the client to monitor his site 100% of the time for any fuel leakage.

A before and after of a double-compartment tank clean:

The PIS team surveyed the site following a report of contamination – which led to the removal of the tank lid, and the confined space team completed a thorough clean and degas of the vessel. The lids were then re-bolted and tested, and the tank was put back into service.

A recently completed impressive Unmanned Service Station in Banbridge:

The state-of-the-art facility offers a seamless and efficient 24/7 fueling experience with cutting-edge automated technology. In addition to convenience, the station prioritizes sustainability with eco-friendly measures and reduced emissions. PIS Ireland aims to positively impact the local community and contribute to a greener future for Banbridge.

A new fuel storage tank and pipework were installed for BP in Ballyclare:

The upgrade will enhance storage capacity, reliability, and safety standards, benefiting both the company and its valued customers.

Fuel station installation for Circle K:

This one consists of 2 new split-compartment tanks for the client’s “Miles” fuel grades of diesel, diesel plus, unleaded and unleaded plus fuels. A separate installation for Adblue will complement the newly placed double-contained pipework and fuel dispensers.

A tank replacement, man-entry tank cleaning and an HVO switchover:

The PIS team successfully completed the replacement of a marked gas oil tank at the depot, transitioning it to HVO (Hydrotreated Vegetable Oil). The tank underwent thorough man-entry cleaning, and the gas oil was safely removed and uplifted from the site. The team ensured that the site was left clean and fully compliant with all necessary regulations.

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