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5 minutes with Jeremy Cosway, our QHSE Director talking Health & Safety

Jeremy Cosway | QSHE Director For LCM Environmental
Jeremy Cosway | QHSE Director

LCM Environmental’s culture on health and safety, compliance and quality.  

Safety is everyone’s business! LCM Environmental work within the oil and energy industry and are committed to continually improving safety standards. We ensure every individual takes a personal degree of responsibility for the safety culture within the organisation.  

We take 5 minutes to ask Jez Cosway, our QHSE Director to explain how health and safety is paramount to LCM Environmental.  

Tell us about your day-to-day role… 

“LCM Environmental is a busy, fast paced company where multiple different scaled projects are carried out at any one-time; my day-to-day routine can vary a lot! I have oversight of all the current projects that are being delivered and I make sure they are completed in a safe way.  

Genuinely, I love my role within LCM Environmental. I have been with the ‘Craggs Energy Group’ for nearly 10 years now and have around 16 years’ experience within the fuel / environmental sectors, so I bring varying degrees of experience. 

Making sure health and safety is on everyone’s agenda is important too and this comes down to communication. An important aspect of my role is to talk to people to utilise different: ideas, initiatives, and instructions across the team. I think too many people do not understand the importance of this.” 

Tell me the biggest challenge for you? 

“We see challenges as learning opportunities. The last 3 years has seen us acquire 3 great companies and with those companies’ bought individuals who possess the skills to help tackle any obstacle that may come up using their vast experience and knowledge. Part of my role is bringing these people together to work collaboratively on whatever opportunities we may face. There have certainly been some big leaps in learning through the services we carry out today. 

We want to transform the industry, so we spend a lot of time developing and implementing the strategy of the business and operate safe working practices with the team. I also spend a lot of time on how we can develop a positive safety culture within the business to ensure all our team feel safe working.” 

What are the opportunities? 

“We view working with our clients and helping them understand changes in the industry – a huge opportunity to us. We want to avoid working reactively with our clients, to proactively helping them to navigate the current changes that are coming everyone’s way, for example, helping them with their Net Zero targets.  

We’ve spent time investing in our own Net Zero initiatives and built credibility from our own actions, investments and our own greener energy solutions because we want to be committed to helping our clients achieve their own impending net-zero objectives and how to decarbonise their business in the best possible way and at a time that suits them. 

Moreover, we are also looking at opportunities for growth; be it natural growth or growth through acquisition. With growth comes new people and innovative ideas and it is great to be able to integrate into our current business.” 

What is going to have the biggest impact in the industry? 

There is a lot going on in the fuel and environmental services industry! We have a lot of clients out there who want help digesting that information. Most importantly, we want to be seen as a company that is here to guide and help them through the legislative jungle, making sure fuel management meets the required standards. The Net Zero discussion is going to have the biggest impact in the long term! The good news is we are quite a way on with it! We have already helped a lot of clients out with their Net Zero targets and requirements, ensuring they’re ahead of the curve. 

What is the most exciting thing about your job? 

“For me, it is working with the people we have with us. We have a mixture of highly experienced engineers and some new starters, fresh into their careers with us. I really enjoy seeing knowledge shared and skills transferred between them. I think sharing knowledge makes us strong. My job is very varied, not one day is the same! 

We are champions in improvements to health and safety standards. It’s key we invest heavily in technology and work with other global fuel industry pioneers.” 

Best advice given to you? 

Do not be complacent.  

It’s easy to get carried away, especially when a business is growing. However, we remind ourselves daily, not to get complacent and make sure the essential elements that help keep us safe. Continuing our success should never overlooked.