Fuel and Hazardous Railway Wagon Cleaning and Testing


UK testing depots and mobile rail services

LCM’s fuel maintenance and management services to the railway industry are delivered in collaboration with Motorail UK. Operating as Total Tank Solutions (TTS), the organisation’s UK testing depots are based in Immingham, Lincolnshire, and Long Marston in Warwickshire. From these bases, the LCM mobile maintenance teams reach out to wherever railway wagons are operated.


Working collaboratively with other industry specialists, such as Motorail UK, brings together a unique combination of specialist services. LCM Environmental’s experience in the downstream fuel market and Motorail UK’s reputation as Britain’s leading storage and rolling stock management company delivers a comprehensive and wide-reaching service to rail industry clients. As well as reducing the wagon testing downtime, the TTS service also significantly improves quality standards, reporting, and health and safety levels.

Mobile rail wagon services

In addition to its UK rail testing depot facilities, LCM and TTS’ mobile maintenance services include internal and external cleaning of fuel and hazardous freight wagons, and intermediate, periodic and non-destructive testing. Included in the railway services are also regulation air and hydrostatic tests for bulk liquid and powder containers.


Total Tank Solutions’ European fuel and hazardous rail wagon services are particularly suitable for hydrocarbons, ethanol and nitric acids. However, the flexible TTS service means a considerably wider range of applications are accommodated to meet the most diverse needs.


For more information, contact LCM or visit the Total Tank Solutions website.

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