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RPM Ltd and Sprayglass International Ltd: Third Business Acquisition in a Year


Ian Simon (General Manager of RPM Ltd) on the left, Richard Wallace (CEO of LCM Environmental) and Dan Macdonald (former owner of RPM Ltd) on the right.


Completing a third acquisition in the past 12 months, international fuel and tank storage risk-mitigation specialists LCM Environmental Services Limited have successfully brought two North Yorkshire-based businesses, Repair Protection & Maintenance Ltd and Sprayglass International Ltd, into their group of companies.

Repair Protection & Maintenance Ltd are a highly regarded supplier of tank lining, bund and advanced coating service specialist services, whose offering compliments LCM’s current environmental service range. This strategic collaboration represents an important milestone in LCM’s growth and diversification, enabling the company to further enhance its offerings and better serve the needs of businesses across the UK and Europe.

Sprayglass specialises in the manufacture of a range of chemical-resistant Glass Flake and GRP Laminating Linings suitable for application to both metallic and concrete substrates, providing reliable protection to the industry since the 1970s.

Throughout 2023, LCM Environmental have exhibited exponential growth, and have been recognised by winning the “Transformation Award” at The Lancashire Red Rose Awards – as well as by claiming their rightful place on The Sunday Times’ 100 Fastest Growing Companies for the year. Amongst their wealth of success in the past 12 months, LCM are in the process of completing several major European projects in Ireland, Germany, France, and Belgium.

The acquisition of both RPM Ltd and Sprayglass International signifies LCM’s commitment to expanding their footprint and providing a more comprehensive suite of environmental services. This partnership brings together three industry leaders with a shared vision for supporting sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions.

RPM’s speciality focus is on protective coating, lining and repair/maintenance services. Their reach is international, with several completed projects across Europe, and plans to expand beyond. This acquisition enables both RPM and Sprayglass to benefit from LCM’s own extensive experience in fuel management, as well as further environmental risk mitigation and scheduled maintenance programs.

With over 80 years of experience combined, the synergy between the two companies will drive innovation and deliver more comprehensive solutions.

Richard Wallace, CEO of LCM Environmental Group comments: ‘This acquisition represents a significant step in our mission to offer comprehensive, sustainable, and innovative environmental services. We are excited to welcome RPM Ltd into the LCM family of businesses and look forward to creating a brighter future together.’

Ian Simon, General Manager of RPM Ltd and Sprayglass International Ltd, shares: ‘We are thrilled to join forces with LCM Environmental Services Ltd. Our combined expertise will provide our clients with even more environmentally responsible solutions while contributing to a safer, more sustainable world.’

Legal support was provided by Nicola Cooper and Olivia Storey from Clarion in Leeds, Taxation advice was provided by Ryan Wilkinson from BHP Chartered Accountants and Barclays Bank provided financial support.