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Tank Services

One Point of Call For All Your Tank Servicing Management.

Working in partnership with your organisation, we will guide you through the legislative jungle, making sure your fuel management meets the required standards.

As opposed to working with several sub-contractors, you will only have to call us. We will manage your legal compliance, pump maintenance, weights and measures calibrations, annual inspections, interceptor and drain cleaning, etc. You can rely on LCM to provide the necessary expertise and resources to manage every aspect of your fuel operation while you take care of the rest.

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A fuel storage tank only has a life-expectancy of between 10-20 years. Fuel storage tanks and associated pipework integrity testing and maintenance is a vital part of knowing your tanks health. It’s simply just good house-keeping!

Tank Testing

Your fuel storage systems hold a lot of risk, so protecting your critical components including your storage tanks and pipework is important.

Health and Safety Executive recommendation states that tank testing should be carried out every 12-18 months, failure to do this can lead to failure within in the fuel tank, pipework and the base which can result in environmental damage leading to ground contamination, watercourse contamination or damage to the structural integrity of buildings. In addition to this, neglect of a fuel tank and its pipework could jeopardise insurance policies.

Our job is to mitigate as much risk from you as possible. Having regular tests is a preventative and proactive method to assess any potential threats that your tank may have. It enables us to propose rectifying plans such as a tank: clean, repair or decommission.

Fuel storage regulations apply to heating fuel tanks and associated pipework plus bulk storage facilities. Registered with OFTEC (Oil Firing Technical Association), this report confirms if your above-ground oil tank conforms to current oil storage oil storage regulations and helps us plan your next steps.

Principles are based upon: 

  • DGSA
  • OFTEC 600A
  • Oil Storage Regulations
  • PPG2, DSEAR 2002 

NDT testing is “non-destructive testing” and is the application of measurement techniques in order to identify damage and irregularities in the material of the tank. It’s vital, as NDT is seen as the only method of being able to see the current ‘health’ of a tank, similar to a cars MOT.

NDT tests include a range of different tests and services and are dependent upon your unique requirements. Tests may include:

  • Tank thickness testing
  • Tank base testing
  • Tank weld testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • UAV inspections

EEMUA 159 is a specialist type of tank test that some insurance companies require if you have a large tank. It includes a very comprehensive and high- range of techniques & services for the inspection of above ground or below ground storage tanks. It determines if tanks are safe for continued service from a mechanical integrity standpoint.

Tank Cleaning

Keeping your tank clean, protects from contamination and degradation for both your fuel and your tank. You may need to clean your tank for a product change maintenance or removal.

A tank clean is recommended to ensure compliance and avoids pollution incidents, mandatory fines and emergency spill costs.

Our Confined Spaces Operatives are highly trained and experienced in working in high-risk environments. Where non-many entry systems are not practical, strict health and safety systems are adhered to.

Once the fuel has been uplifted, we will remove contaminants from the bottom of the tank using specialist hoses connected to a vacuum tanker. 

Finally, the tank is jet washed, dried and inspected by our specialist team. 

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Did You Know:
Tank Decommissioning – We’ve Got You Covered!

If following our inspection your tank needs repairing or decommissioning – we can help.

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Tank Installations

Our skilled workforce, are trained to the standards required by OCTEL, HSE and MOD SRP3. We have a wealth of experience in fuel tank and pipe installations. Whether you are implementing a one-off project or you’re installing a new tank as it’s part of a full site decommissioning, we understand and can meet the unique needs and demands of our clients across the UK. 

We can install and commission both metal and plastic tanks that contain red diesel (gas oil), white diesel (derv), kerosene (heating oil), HFO (heavy fuel oil), waste oil, water, solvents, hazardous waste, nitrogen, chlorine and a wide range of chemicals.

Tank Repairs

On very rare occasions in a project, we come across a tank that needs repairing rather than decommissioning as the tank needed is no longer available or it’s almost impossible to retro-fit a different style; so the tank must be fixed. 

We can accommodate an internal repair with a process called ‘tank-lining’ with the old tank used as a mould, we can create a new reinforced tank inside the older metal tank, using layers of fiberglass and resin. 

We can create this in a number of ways, such as: tank single reline and patch to a duel skin reline with an interstitial space to test. 

This method is sometimes the only option to prolong the life of a tank, prevent corrosion, terminate leaks or keep a cleaned tank clean for longer. 

By utilising our network of engineering and industrial links, we’re able to develop a range of on-site repair solutions to increase the reliability of your assets.  

Externally, rust on fuel tanks not only looks unappealing but it can cause corrosion, weaken your tanks and compromise the fuel that’s within. We can provide fuel tank painting solutions to protect and sustain a longer life through the use of non-corrosive paints. The paint is weather resistant and developed specifically for heavy duty use, available in any colour! 

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Did You Know:
Fully mitigate risk and remove the hassle with our ‘Preventative, Planned Maintenance’ service.

Don’t wait – save thousands and worry less! Contact us now!

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Tank Decommissions

We can compliantly decommission tank storage facilities up to and including COMAH registered infrastructure, above ground or below ground tank (or many tanks). Starting with fuel uplift and tank cleaning, all the way through to any potential tank cutting, tank removal and any subsequent civil works.

Your fuel tank may need decommissioning if it is out of warranty, you’ve recently discovered buried tank, a complex pipework system, damaged infrastructure, failed a specific tank test or is registered as too much of a risk by a client (typically both environmentally and commercially) our team are able to help.

Or potentially you’re upgrading your infrastructure as you’re on your journey to Net-Zero, we can help!

We have a rich history of delivering tank decommissioning projects to large public sector clients such as The Ministry of Defence, The Ministry of Justice and large sections of the NHS. 

As a Crown Commercial Services supplier, we have successfully supported public sector clients in utilising the most recent available frameworks; we have the internal expertise and experience to support public sector clients procure and then deliver major tank decommissioning projects.

Tank Designs

We have a specialist team with a key eye for detail that can design intricate and unique plans just for your fuel environment. We know every fuel environment is different and needs a technical and knowledgeable skill-set to ensure you can trust us with your full project management. 

Whether it be tricky installations, to sophisticated pipework, we have successfully advised, guided and worked within challenging environments to install ‘turnkey’ systems for various applications with: defence, Industrial, Utilities, Marine, Transport, Emergency Services, ‘Blue-Chip’ and Critical-Power industries. 

Tank and pipe signage can mitigate risk of fuel storage and the handling of it. They warn against overfilling, smoking, flames and give critical emergency information in case of a spill or fire.

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