Spill prevention equipment

Spill Kit Sales

Spill kits are your last line of defence from the harmful effects of a fuel spillage. As a company that attends hundreds of spills each year we have identified products that work well and are cost effective. We work with suppliers who deliver products that utilise the very latest material technology to ensure that the products work every time.

The right spill equipment is essential

We have been producing spill kits tailored to suit our clients’ individual site needs for eight years now. We have decided to produce a ‘standard’ range of spill kits to enable our clients to have available equipment to suit every circumstance where the risk of a fuel or oil spillage exists; this could be a van that carries small items of plant or an industrial site with its own fuel farm. We now have available at cost effective prices a spill kit appropriate to every risk be that oil, fuel or chemical spillage.

Spill Kit Sales
Spill Kit Sales

Supporting you in managing environmental risk

We can visit your site and assess the risk of a spill and suggest the right equipment for the risk that exists. We can train your staff in the use of the equipment. This will ensure that should an spillage occur you can safely manage a small spill or contain a major incident until professional spill response assistance arrives.

Environmental Resilience

LCM can help improve your environmental resilience and your sustainability. We work with many major companies and manage all aspects of their environmental risk, help improve their resilience, provide ongoing advise and support and if necessary respond to any environmental incident they may have. We hope you never have a spillage but if you do let LCM be your fourth emergency service!

Spill Kit Sales

The environment is precious and expensive to repair. Protect yourself and your reputation by using LCM’s spill equipment and advice.


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