Efficient, cost-effective and safe fuel tank repairs, removals and installations


Fuel tank installations, repairs and removals

Fuel tank installation, repair, removal or replacement services are one of the core components of our business. Our UK wide team of tank specialists are highly experienced in all aspects of tank services for Red Diesel (Gas Oil), Diesel (DERV), Heating Oil (Kerosene), Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO), Petrol and other fuel tanks of all shapes, sizes and materials.


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Tank Removal and Installation
Tank Removal and Installation

Experienced, skilled workforce

LCM brings its expertise, quality standards and exemplary health and safety record to every project it undertakes.


LCM’s skilled workforce, trained in excess of the standards required by OCTEL, HSE and MOD SRP3, has a wealth of experience in fuel tank and pipe removal and installation. Whether implementing a one-off project or as part of a full site decommissioning, LCM understands and can meet the unique needs and demands of our clients across the UK and Europe.

Solutions to problems

At LCM, our team are used to solving problems for our clients. Be it a recently discovered buried tank, a complex pipework system or damaged infrastructure that causes significant risk to an organisation; our team are able to help.


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Tank Removal and Installation

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