Fuel removal or transfer


UK-wide fuel tanker services

Sometimes a clients stored fuel needs to be removed. It could be that the fuel is redundant and needs removing both safely and legally or it could be that the client wishes to transfer the fuel to another location.


At LCM our fleet of multi and single pot ‘petroleum regulated’ vehicles operating from across the UK can provide a comprehensive range of tanker services. This includes emergency tanker response and pre-scheduled fuel uplifts. At LCM we have the fleet and the expertise to manage every fuel transport eventuality.


Our fuel uplift services are available for all fuel types included Gas Oil Uplift (Red Diesel), DERV Uplift (Diesel), Kerosene Uplift (Heating Oil), HFO Uplift (Heavy Fuel Oil), Petrol Uplift and other types of fuel uplift.

Tanker Services
Tanker Services

Why use ‘petroleum regulated’ tankers?

The design and construction of vehicles used to transport petrol and other hazardous products is strictly regulated and tankers must comply with rigorous health and safety standards. Only petroleum regulated tankers can be used to upload and discharge fuel and other volatile liquids. Our modern fleet of tankers meet all the necessary regulations and standards providing a safe and reliable fuel transport service across the UK.

Fuel tanker uplift services from LCM

As well as uplifting road fuels, our fleet of tankers is also available for the removal and transport of other hazardous and volatile liquids. Our company’s tanker services teams are qualified and skilled in handling a wide range of products safely and securely.


To find out more about our uplift and transfer services speak with our team by calling 0808 164 4570.

Tanker Services

Find out more about our Fuel Uplift and Transfer Services.


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