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The Mystery With BioDiesel

For most, biodiesel remains something of a mystery; everyone has heard of it but not many know the risks it causes to your stored fuel.  

Who Are LCM Environmental? 

When we established ourselves over 30 years ago, we became the brand of trust within the industry and to our valued customers. 

Today, we are proud to deliver: sustainable, resilient and compliant service solutions, through our specialist expertise that mitigates risk, giving you – ‘peace of mind’. 

Our mission is what drives us to do everything required to keep your assets compliant and product within specification. We do that by creating fuel management solutions that allow you to maintain, control and monitor your fuel consumption.  

The Impact of Biodiesel For You  

Biodiesel was an initiative introduced by the Government to reduce environmental impact. Stored fuel deteriorates naturally over time but, as biodiesel includes a component called ‘Fatty Acid Methyl Ester’ (FAME) which contains and attracts water, it is then blended with the petrochemical diesel. As water is a contaminant in its own right, it promotes microbial growth or ‘diesel bug’ which accelerates contamination from solids i.e. rust. This sticks to the side of your fuel storage tank, even causing layers of build-up inside your tank.  

The Risks Involved  

As many as 8 out of 10 diesel application failures are related to contaminated fuel! Can you risk it?  

When diesel is bulk stored without treatment for longer than 6-12 months it can become contaminated. Dirty fuel ultimately is a threat to your critical systems, loss of standby power, business continuity and could cost thousands in damage if left untreated.  

Contaminates in your stored fuel are incredibly harmful to emergency generators and their ageing infrastructures as it can damage clog filters, fuel injectors and if your tank has layers of build up it can cause detrimental oil spills from tank/pipe failure and overfills.  

As a result, the key to avoiding diesel bug from growing and enduring high-quality fuel in your tanks is simply good housekeeping.  

The Solution  

The crucial priority for any business must be the regular inspection of your tanks and fuel. In addition, if you plan to wait until you see the warning signs, it may cost you dearly, as the first sign of contaminated and dirty fuel could be complete system failure. 

We offer a range of solutions that are based individually on your situation:  

Oil Storage Regulations Report 
This report confirms if your fuel storage conforms to current oil storage regulations and helps us plan your next steps. Principles are based upon: • DGSA • OFTEC 600A • Oil Storage Regulations • PPG2, DSEAR 2002 

Fuel Sampling & Testing 
Our sampling and testing service analyses the water, particulate and chemicals, checking the quality of your stored fuel and determines next steps. 

Fuel Filtering & Cleaning 
If your fuel sample and testing highlights your fuel is out of specification, we can filter and clean your stored fuel back to Class A2 Refinery grade specification for both water and particulate.  

Our telemetry monitoring service provides total visibility of your assets and the critical power infrastructure across your estate. It is: accessible, any-time, anywhere! It bridges the gap between our telemetry hardware and our easy-to-use portal. This allows you to remotely monitor your assets from any device. Which in turn minimises the need to travel to carry out checks and reducing carbon footprint.    

Establish with us a regular planned, preventative fuel maintenance plan to remove water, debris and dirt from your stored fuel. We preserve your stored fuel to EN590 standards. Which gives you ‘peace of mind’ that your fuel is clean, dry and dependable.  

 The future belongs to those who create it 

We are changing the world by helping you on your journey moving away from hydrocarbons towards Net Zero – as we move through the transition ourselves. Likewise, we are working towards having an overall positive impact on your business and the planet.   

We already work within the ‘circular-economy’, where we aim to eliminate waste and promote the continual use of resources. Our idea is to take you with us as we manage and evolve with the future in mind.  

Get in touch with our team, if you have any questions!