Protecting the environment with UHP and HP jet wash cleaning


HP & UHP jet washing

While not all substances are contaminants, spills or seepage from leaking containers look unsightly and can be hazardous, causing slips and skids. Years of accumulated grime on car park or forecourt surfaces give a poor first impression when you want to impress. LCM’s UHP and HP jet washing service is not confined to the fuel industry either. The LCM crew are ready and able to tackle any cleaning project you throw at them.

UHP and HP Jet Washing
UHP and HP Jet Washing

HP (high pressure) jet washing

Whether on a petrol forecourt, a car park, or on the roads, HP jet washing is a simple, effective and environmentally sensitive way of dealing with spills and general build-up of dirt. With jet washers operating at a pressure of 8000psi, the LCM HP cleaning team make short work of any sort of spill or build-up of dirt or grime, leaving the area clean and contaminant-free.

UHP (ultra-high pressure) jet washing

UHP jet washing uses a water pressure between 8000psi and 40000psi. Depending on the material being cleaned, specialist cleaning solvents might be used to break down any contaminants and ensure deep cleaning and thorough surface scarification to remove staining. From planned maintenance, spill and accident response to fuel tank cleaning and forecourt facelifts, it’s LCM Environmental to the rescue.

UHP and HP Jet Washing

Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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