100% accurate fuel tank leak detection


VacuTect® fuel tank leak detection

VacuTect is proven to detect 100% of all leaks and is another example of LCM’s commitment to the use of technology to provide effective solutions for its fuel industry clients.


Not only does a leak mean a valuable resource being wasted, fuel leaks cause serious environmental damage. If undetected, fuel leaks contaminate surrounding land and watercourses, resulting in expensive remediation works, damage to an organisation’s reputation and possible legal repercussions and financial loss for the tank owner.


How VacuTect detects fuel leaks

VacuTect is the best fuel leak detection system on the market. With the vent sealed, VacuTect applies a small vacuum to the fuel tank through the fill pipe or other entry in the tank lid. If the tank leaks, air or water is drawn in. The diagnostic system uses a hydrophone, temperature, pressure and water sensors to detect the presence of any leaks at very high levels of accuracy.


The VacuTect hydrophone identifies the sound of air or water being sucked into the tank, while pressure transducers measure the drop in vacuum pressure. Water seeping into the tank settles on the bottom and is measured by the VacuTect water sensor.

LCM’s skilled operators

It takes six months of training and hours of online testing for an operator to become a VacuTect engineer. It is then mandatory to submit tests for online quality control by Tanknology Inc.


The average tank test time is two hours using the VacuTect fuel leak detecting system and LCM can test two tanks at once. The company’s skilled engineers can identify the approximate position of any leak, allowing for fuel above the damaged area to be removed, preventing any further seepage and environmental damage until repairs can be carried out.


Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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