Compliant and certified vapour recovery testing


Vapour recovery testing

Vapour recovery systems prevent the release of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the atmosphere. As well as reducing pollution, annual testing is essential to user and operator safety and reduces evaporation losses. With LCM as your fuel management partner, you can be sure your vapour recovery systems and annual testing is fully compliant and certified.

Vapour recovery testing
Vapour recovery testing

Stage I and Stage II vapour recovery testing

Stage I tests check the integrity of the vapour recovery systems in bulk fuel storage tanks such as those used on petrol forecourts. Stage II vapour recovery testing checks harmful vapours are not escaping from fuel pumps as customers refuel their vehicles. Petrol vapour recovery systems (PVRs) must operate at a minimum of 85% efficiency to comply with UK and European legislation.

Reduce costs with vapour recovery tests

Vapour recovery testing is generally associated with health and safety and environmental concerns. But effective PVRs bring financial benefits too. Fuel loss from evaporation reduces your inventory and your profits. With LCM’s fuel facility management services, your whole fuel operation is managed efficiently and that goes hand-in-hand with cost reduction.

Vapour recovery testing

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