LCM Environmental – Corporate Vision and Values


Innovative fuel asset management

Since 1987, LCM has been at the forefront of fuel asset management. It has been and continues to be the valued and respected partner of global petrochemical giants, international logistic companies and smaller independent businesses in the downstream fuel industry.


As a continual innovator, LCM invests heavily in technology and works with other global fuel industry pioneers to benefit the environment, the workforce and its partner companies. As well as its commitment to the environment, LCM champions improvements in health and safety standards.

LCM Vision and Values
LCM Vision and Values

Extensive fuel industry knowledge and experience

Fuel, while a critical asset, is a costly, hazardous resource which needs careful management. Every aspect of fuel management demands extensive industry knowledge and experience, strict health and safety procedures, and adherence to all the relevant legislation. LCM brings such knowledge and experience to the downstream fuel market.


As economic and legislative demands on industry grow, LCM’s mission is to bring effective and safe management to every organisation which counts fuel as a critical asset.

LCM’s mission

To provide safe, timely and high quality fuel management services to companies who are required to move, manage or dispense fuel safely and lawfully.



  • To be recognised as a leading UK supplier of fuel management services to any commercial organisation who use fuel in significant quantities and in particular for those where fuel is a critical asset


  • To be known as an innovative company, providing premium services with high service levels and outstanding safety record


  • To have six full service depots with sufficient equipment and service personnel to deal with most jobs enabling the provision of cost effective services nationwide, including spill response within 4 hours to any location in the UK


  • To provide intellectual property, project management and consultancy to overseas clients
LCM Vision and Values

LCM’s values

  • To put health and safety first at all times
  • To have paramount regard for the environment
  • To be innovative and to encourage staff to innovate safely
  • To place high value on integrity and trust with staff, customers and suppliers

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Fuel is a critical asset, but you don’t have to be a slave to it when you partner with LCM. Take control of your fuel management today.


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