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Monitoring and Measuring Services

Get Full Reports and Certifications For Peace of Mind.

With many of our services you’ll receive a full report and certification for evidence that your fuel and its environment is maintained by trained specialists and you’ll have ‘peace of mind’ it’s reliable. 

Pressure or vacuum testing and certification can be provided to meet your regulatory needs or to form part of a regular inspection program.

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We also have other measuring and monitoring techniques, such as: 

  • Telemetry – Our telemetry monitoring service provides total visibility of your assets and the critical power infrastructure across your estate. It is: accessible, any-time, anywhere! It bridges the gap between our telemetry hardware and our easy-to-use portal. This allows you to remotely monitor your assets from any device which in turn minimises the need to travel to carry out checks and reducing carbon footprint.
  • Bund Alarms 
  • Interceptors Alarms 
  • Site Audits – Drainage challenge, Lagoons, fire/water systems.

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