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PIS Ireland Services

We offer comprehensive and reliable fuel installation solutions to businesses and organisations across Ireland and the UK.

At Petroleum Installation Solutions (PIS) Ireland, we understand the critical role fuel infrastructure plays in your operations, and our expert team is dedicated to delivering exceptional services tailored to your specific needs.

Contaminants in your stored fuel are incredibly harmful to emergency generators and their ageing infrastructures as they can damage clog filters and fuel injectors; if your tank has layers of build-up it can cause detrimental oil spills from tank/pipe failure and overfills.

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Did You Know:
Complete Transparency and Awareness.

To have absolute transparency and awareness of your whole fuel environment you can also test your tank.

Tank Testing

Full Turnkey Developments

From concept to completion, we handle all aspects of your fuel installation project with utmost efficiency and expertise.

Maintenance Contracts

Ensure your fuel systems are always in peak condition with our reliable and cost-effective maintenance contracts.

Pump Sales and ATC Retrofits

Choose from a wide selection of top-notch pumps that meet your specific requirements, ensuring optimal performance or upgrade your existing pumps with cutting-edge Automatic Tank Gauge (ATC) technology for improved efficiency and accuracy.

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Vapour Testing

Ensure the safety of your fuel storage systems with our comprehensive vapour testing procedures.

Bunded and Underground Tank Supplies 

Discover a range of high-quality bunded and underground tanks that combine reliability and environmental compliance.

Site Commissioning & Decommissioning

When it’s time to install or decommission your fuel systems, trust our experts to handle the process seamlessly and responsibly.

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Tank Gauging

Stay in control of your fuel inventory with our advanced tank gauging solutions, providing accurate readings at all times.

Pipework (Single and Double Skinned)

Our skilled team can handle various pipe work installations, including double skin and single skin solutions, with precision and safety.

Tank & Line Testing 

Safeguard your fuel systems’ integrity with our meticulous tank and line testing services, identifying and resolving potential issues.

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Did You Know:
Our services can be delivered on an ad hoc basis.

However, to fully mitigate risk and remove the hassle, we’d recommend putting your trust in us with our ‘Preventative, Planned Maintenance’ service.

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More Services…

Power your industrial facility with our expert fuel installation services, ensuring reliable and efficient fuel infrastructure for uninterrupted operations.

Stay ahead with our PPM service, ensuring proactive care and regular inspections to keep your fuel installations operating at peak performance.

Ensure fuel quality and system efficiency with our precise fuel and sludge sampling service, providing accurate insights to optimize your operations.

Trust in our comprehensive tank testing and inspections to ensure the integrity and compliance of your fuel storage systems, fostering a safe and reliable environment.

Experience a fresh start with our professional fuel tank cleaning service, eliminating contaminants and ensuring peak performance for your fuel storage system.

Transform your business with our expert forecourt installations, designed for seamless fuel dispensing, increased operational efficiency and enhanced customer experience.

Reliable tank and pipe installations tailored to your needs, delivering top-notch fuel infrastructure solutions for seamless operations and peace of mind.

Safely retire your fuel storage with our meticulous tank decommissioning service, ensuring environmental compliance and peace of mind throughout the process.

Revitalize your fuel quality with our specialized fuel polishing service, removing contaminants and enhancing performance for optimal fuel efficiency.

Seamless and secure fuel transfers, ensuring efficient and reliable movement of fuel to power your operations. From one storage to another, or between sites, we are here to help!

Swift and effective tank and pipe repairs, restoring the integrity of your fuel infrastructure to minimize downtime and maintain optimal performance for your critical environment.

Swift and effective tank and pipe repairs, restoring the integrity of your fuel infrastructure to minimize downtime and maintain optimal performance.

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