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High Street Emergency Oil Spill

We have a 24-hour emergency oil spill response service which is available nationwide.  Emergency Oil Spill

The Task

In October 2021, our LCM Spill team were contacted to respond and attend a site high street store near the coast to clean up an emergency Gas Oil spill to the best of our ability.  

The source of the spill was easily identifiable from cracked pipes that fed into two tanks; the location of the tanks was in a non-ventilated basement of a high-street store on a busy retail park – where vapour from the spill then built up.  

Upon discovering the emergency oil spill, the client was able to inform us of the type of product and volume that had been spilt. Which made it easier for us to deploy a rapid response team to deal with the spill efficiently and effectively.  

We ensured our specialist emergency spill response team included an environmental project manager, plus, our high standard of health and safety paperwork. 

Fuel spillages can cause major damage to people, the environment and property as well as disrupting site operations. In other words, it is so important to mitigate the risks associated with emergency oil spill responses, a quick response is needed when a spill of hydrocarbons is detected. 


5 Main Reasons
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health of your
tank is important! 
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Emergency Oil Spill

Scope of Work

Our network of UK Spill Accredited trusted partners ensures our clients have the most appropriate care and support from knowledgeable professionals during what could be a catastrophic incident, if not dealt with by risk mitigating specialists.  

Moreover, our team arrived on site within 2 hours of the initial contact and set to work assessing the area.  After that, we sprayed the affected walls with SOC degreaser solution and left for 10 minutes to work. This powerful degreaser is a cleaning solution designed to degrease surfaces and objects by removing the oil along other stubborn contaminants. Then, we used our jetting hose and tanker in the basement area.

Accordingly, we also used specialist spill response kits encompassing Oil only spill pads and socks to minimise the spill. we are in the process of advising the client to keep our spill response kits near their storage tanks as a risk mitigating solution in case future use is needed.  

The onsite staff had not undertaken spill response training prior to the incident, so no risk mitigating procedures had been implemented until we had arrived

The Outcome 

In conclusion, all gas oil residues were further treated with Oil Eater solution, allowing the area to be sprayed with solution and left to work. Oil Eater Solution encapsulates the oil and dirt into a solution. As a result, it can then easily be rinsed away. 

Then, all water washings and waste were then removed using our vacuum loading tanker leaving the room with no free liquid. 

Also, our Fuel System Engineers checked the storage tank that had leaked, leaving the client with peace of mind that the incident had been handled properly and no further spillage was occurring. 

Furthermore, highlighting ways in which the client can stay compliant and reduce risk, is a key aspect of our service. For example, we offer a Preventative Planned Maintenance service which removes the hassle from you by putting the trust in us to continually check your fuel system is compliant and safe. Therefore, minimising the chance of an emergency oil spill happening again. Not to mention, we’ve suggested including regular tank and fuel testing and for them to take part in our spill response training and have spill kits on hand.  

Above all, LCM Environmental supplies emergency oil spill response, clean-up and continual environmental services to businesses across all industries. Our priority is delivering solutions, that are sustainable, resilient and compliant.

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Our Services

Lastly, we’ve always worked wherever there is fuel. 

Since 1987, we have worked in the downstream and upstream fuel sector providing a broad range of fuel management compliance and environmental services.

Today, LCM Environmental works across the downstream fuel industry in a broad range of industry sectors and primarily wherever fuel is a critical operational asset. For instance, innovation is something of a constant in LCM Environmental along with our continual desire to exceed our client’s expectations.

In fact, as we are part of  The Craggs Energy Group, we know fuel. Not to mention, we undertake everything to do with fuel oil – it runs in our veins.

We supply it, we broker it, we clean it, we handle its storage, its delivery and its maintenance – and we do it nationally.