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Hospital Tank Decommission

The Task

Remove a 40,000-litre tank from a site in an awkward location! The tank has a Cedar and Horse Chestnut tree directly adjacent to it. It could not be removed with a crane or lorry mounted crane without damage to the trees which the client was very keen to avoid.

Scope of Work

The tank has 12,000 litres of fuel within it. This was uplifted through a fuel polisher into one of our tankers that removed it and topped up other tanks on-site with a small residue going for of site disposal. The tanker then cleaned and degassed the tank to ensure there were no fuel residues left in the tank that could cause environmental harm or act as an ignition source.

Once the tank was clean and gas-free our partner scaffolders erected access platforms around the tank. The team then proceeded to cold cut the tank in small pieces that could be safely carried to a skip for offsite recycling. This process took 7 working days.

The Outcome

The tank was safely removed and disposed of and the client was then able to demolish the tank bund as part of the redevelopment of the hospital.

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If you require any tank to be decommissioned then please let LCM do it for you safely, responsibly and carefully. Be it cold cutting, as seen here, plasma cutting, or removal by an excavator.

We have decommissioned thousands of tanks over the last 25 years, ranging in size from airfield aviation fuel tanks, forecourt tanks, chemical and acid tanks, cylindrical and vertical tanks.

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