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LCM appoints head of Innovation and Engineering

It is a delight to welcome Tom Berry to LCM as our Head of Innovation and Engineering. Tom is no stranger to the company. Until June this year he worked as an Associate employed by the University of Southampton working within LCM on a Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) we jointly initiated over 30 months ago. Since then he has been on a long break in the Far East.

During the KTP a prototype was produced. Tom’s primary role is to take this into production as a finished product. He will also look at some of LCM’s existing products and see how they can be improved. He will also liaise with Innovate UK on a second KTP application to go forward early in 2020.

Having graduated in Chemical and Energy Engineering from University of Leeds he then worked as a design engineer in oil burner systems and particularly worked on projects to improve fuel flow into marine engines in order to reduce emissions.

LCM represents a great opportunity to develop further his knowledge of fuels, how they are used and how we can manage them better to reduce emissions whilst meeting the design specification of modern low emission engines.

Mark Orr, Managing Director, LCM Environmental commented; ‘It’s great to have Tom back after his well-earned break and in the heart of the management team. If ever fuel management needed innovation it is now. As an innovative company LCM has a number of ideas that we wish to bring to market following our successful KTP with the University of Southampton. Tom will bring leadership to these projects and reduce the time taken to deliver them to market. ‘

Tom Berry, Head of Innovation and Engineering, LCM Environmental commented; ‘ I loved my break but am delighted to be back and in my new role. There is a lot to get my teeth into and I am looking forward to bringing some of our ideas to market. It’s also going to be exciting to work with my colleagues and improve the products LCM already has.’’


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Tom Berry; Head of Innovation and Engineering
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