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LCM sells Fuel Facility Management and Maintenance division to Adler and Allan

LCM today announces that it has sold its Fuel Facility Management and Maintenance division to Adler and Allan.

LCM Environmental’s Fuel FM division conducts a range of forecourt maintenance and compliance testing services for a number of the major forecourt and commercial clients and delivers these services across the UK.  The remainder of LCM Environmental will continue to trade as usual.

Mark J. Orr, Managing Director LCM Environmental Ltd. Said:

“The growth of our Fuel FM division has been particularly satisfying to see since formation is 2004 and has been one of our recent success stories. It has plenty of further growth potential but to achieve that it needs more comprehensive resource and organisational support than LCM can provide.

The move to Adler and Allen will ensure that our existing clients and staff are well looked after. I thank the staff that have worked with LCM for their tremendous efforts and professionalism in setting the high standards that they have consistently achieved and the innovative products that they have helped us develop. I am confident that they will thrive in the Adler and Allan environment which will open up many new opportunities for them.

The sale will release funds to continue the growth of LCM and enable us to bring to market several innovative products that will be released in 2020 .”

LCM remaining services are unaffected by the sales of this one division in the business and we continue to operate all other services nationwide and from our five UK bases.