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New state of the art fuel installation at Yacht Marina

The Project

Yacht marinas in the UK often provide a dispensing fuel service for their bertholders and other water users. In general the installations provide diesel only though some also offer petrol. They are usually a loss leader; providing a service bertholders require and an attraction to visitors who berth at the marina.

Due to the nature of environmental risk and legislative compliance they are expensive to run and usually require a staff member to be in attendance when fuel is dispensed which limits the opening times of the facility.

We were asked to cast fresh eyes at marina fuelling and see if we could come use current technology to design and build a new fuel facility for a prestigious south coast marina that is successful could be rolled out across the group’s other marinas.

The Solution

LCM Environmental put together a project team comprising: pontoon builders, Walcon Marina; dispensing pump, gauge, fuel management and payment system manufacturers, Tokheim; marina management system software providers, Havenstar and fuel engineering specialists, LCM Environmental.

A concept was designed that would enable a 24/7 pay at pump solution for petrol and diesel to be installed that automatically identifies the discount relevant to the berth holder or commercial customer prior to payment being taken and petrol or diesel dispensed.

The marina office have a CCTV view of the facility and there is an intercom link if a customer has a query. There are emergency cut off buttons at various locations on the fuel pontoon and in the marina office. Precise management information is available on site and at the head office that integrates into the marina management system for auditing purposes and the fuel supplier can log into the system to ‘push’ fuel to marinas as required.

Marina and commercial users now have a modern fuel facility that is open all hours with pay at pump that does not require manning when in operation. All fuel is paid for prior to dispensing which reduces account management and prevents fraud. Stock management, pricing and customer accounts can be managed centrally and fuel deliveries are automated. We are now working on two of the group’s other marinas.

Equipment Needed

  • 2 Ledbury Welding tanks KPS twin walled pipework
  • Tokheim Quantium 210 dispensers Tokheim Dialog Fuel management system
  • Tokheim ProGauge Tokheim Crypto pay at pump
  • Tokheim Eye

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