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5 main reasons testing the health of your tank is important!

Testing the health of your tank and protecting your critical components including your pipework is important. We have been operating within the fuel industry, tank testing, for over 35 years, delivering: sustainable, resilient and compliant service solutions, through our specialist expertise that mitigates risk, giving you – ‘peace of mind’ 

Do you know why testing the health of your tank is important?  

Fuel has changed, but its infrastructure hasn’t!  

In a bid to reduce environmental impact, the Government blended Biodiesel with fuel. This initiative has led to accelerated tank and pipework corrosion because it promotes microbial growth or ‘diesel bug’. This sticks to the side of your fuel storage tank, even causing layers of build-up inside your tank. Pair this with the varying outside elements that your tank could be exposed to and your tank’s health is under pressure!  

Why should you test the health of your tank?  

Have you done everything you can to mitigate risk?  

Your fuel storage systems hold a lot of risk. Our job is to mitigate as much risk from you as possible. Having regular tests is a preventative and proactive method to assess any potential threats that your tank may have and enables plans to rectify to be put in place.  

Is it still fit for purpose? 

The only way to have ‘peace of mind’ that your tank is fit for purpose is to have it regularly checked. Our tests can report filter blockages, tank corrosion and fuel performance issues.  

Has your tank passed its life expectancy? 

Everything has: ‘its day’ and your fuel tank is no different! The older your tank the more susceptible it is to general ‘wear and tear’, faults, damage and failure. The older your tank the more TLC it’ll need. But, regardless of its age, we recommend a regular check to highlight any potential.  

Is it fully compliant?   

When storing fuel; safety is absolutely essential. As specialists, we can carry out a full site risk assessment and tank testing and inspection to ensure you meet all current regulations and that you’re fully equipped.  

Is your tank resilient?  

If you think about it, your storage tank is a staple asset that goes through quite a lot! The surrounding area can change overtime: 

  • Bordering foliage could grow and interfere, 
  • The base of your tank could be susceptible to cracking or subsidence, 
  • Joints and connection points could be disturbed, 
  • Exposure to sun and UV could cause expansion and increase the growth of ‘diesel bug’ in your tank,  
  • Freezing temperatures could also cause assets to become brittle. 

The heart of the matter  

Introducing Biofuel can be challenging if its not maintained effectively but it presents a more responsible fuel choice. Without regular tests by specialists, your tank could fall victim to leaks or tank failure that could be costly to you and pollute the environment.  

It’s just good house-keeping to have it checked regularly! 

Take Action 

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